Tuesday, July 31, 2012

This is dedicated to all the IT professionals:)

As only IT people can understand this security check...:):):)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Sun-day with Sun-ny

Some Lies are very beautiful, I realised for the first time. That you are back, you have taken birth again. You know what, everybody was so relaxed after listening this. Even I have taken a sound sleep for the first time
after your incident.

Its been 2 months now since you have gone. How is everything there? Happy now?

See i m very angry with you and frustrated too.. So dont you dare to give me any reasons for anything.
Everybody else is saying that it was not your fault, even you didnt know that this gonna happened to u, but I m not yet convienced.

Didnt you think a bit for cha and chi, and what about iti?
I Cannot believe this, that you can do this. Was it that easy for you?

Hey Boy, Listen, I m not crying, I m just cleansing my eyes... u understand that.

You know, you were on TV too, we saw you, but you didn't speak anything.

May your soul would be resting in peace, but believe me our bodies are not resting and minds are not in peace at all!!!
Think what pain you have given to all of us..
You always say na ki "bada ho ja bada ho ja.. atlast mujhe bada karke chala gaya na tu,,,
I can handle everything without you... Will show you one day..

I m still 1600 Kms away from our home but still felt their pain from here.
You know what, There is no more noise of laughter at home. and you have carried it away all fun with you.
I cant forget the night i got the call from home, each moment, each word engraved in my mind like anything, I was simply lost, speechless, numb. had no words to speak.

From your childhood, you kept on falling kabhi idhar kabhi udar, while walking, while speeding your cycle most of the time, while riding Scooter , and this time you fell but you didnt stand.
Pa was saying, that they danced a lot when u were born, as you were the first boy in the family.

I didnt cry that day too when i saw your body, i brought u home, seen every unfortunate things, seen everybody crying around me, but not a single tear rolled down from my eyes in front of anybody, Because i need to take care of everybody.
I cant forget your face, your eyes were looking very beautiful this time.

You know what, I always got Shielded because of you, whether its bringing groceries from market, Board Exams, or even marriage. People always say "Ki abhi to bada bhai hai"
I have no hesitation telling people that i do steal your styles.

Yesterday it was cha and chi's marriage annivarsary.
I called at 11 in night, not because i forgot, just that donno how to face them. What to talk about.

This is for you....

"Tha kabhi tu aakho me,  Aaj wahi aakhein dhoodti hai tujhe.
Chora tune hume yu ki hum sambhal na paye.
samjh na paye hum,  ki tu durr chala gaya hai, ya aur kareeb aa gaya.
pahale tu sirf hamare saath tha, aaj tu har jagah hai, magar dikhta kahi nahi
teri aawaz nahi hai, magar teri aahate sunayi deti hai.........."


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Account Opened

Never knew before that Sunday could be that Hectic and adventurous too at the same time... :)
OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! The only word that’s came into my mind throughout this D-Day....
But every time its came with different feelings... Lets begin..
I slept at 2:30am last night, technically for next 8 hrs I should be totally committed to my Sleep.
But nature didn’t want this to happen. At 8:30 am, I got two SMS’s from a courier company that they will going to deliver my parcel in next two days.. That’s so sweet that they do have the plans in advance for next two days... I don’t even have one for next couple of hours... :)
At 9:30 am, My phone rang again... Pops Calling....” Oh I need to modulate my voice and pretend them that i have already woken up even before the sun arose...”
Me:-Hmmm... Hellooo...
Pops:- U still sleeping...??? today is a big day for you.. Get up and be ready...
Me:- Oh Reallyyyyy.... at 9:30??? Don’t you think it’s too early on Sundays... I still have few hours to sleep..okk... I will be getting up in next 5 mins... c ya.. bbye.
Finally at 10:00am, I backed into my senses and found myself in a hotel in Chennai... I then realised that why I m here... Ohhh yes... My would-be girl with her family is coming to see me...
Oh I forgot her name again... what was her name.... PPPPPP............. Pallavan Thaangal... yes that’s correct... I mean I think so...
But what does this name means... Google shows its meaning as “ Progress with development ”..... ohhh Really...!!! But what kind of development? I know she is currently working with an IT company in a development project, but does this all was known to her parents at the time of her birth that she going to get dev project... that sound nice.
So finally I got up in next one more hour and wanted to start my day the way I do daily, with Poha and Tea...
With the gulp of finely cooked beaten rice, I got some strange feeling... M I not a kid anymore??? No that’s wrong... my mom never says that...May be she doesn't want to hurt me;)
So, as of the current status. I have enough grown up to get married and now countdown has been begun for me perhaps of 6-7months time span ... that’s really a bad news...


Bhaiya arrived to my place to picked me up and we moved ahead to the venue. ..I was in car... just saw my would be papaji from the car window... my BP level increased to its highest Limit... Bhaiya relaxed me.. “Chill man u r looking good... Don’t get nervous, I am there”
I had no other option except to admire him...
Oh My Goodness!!! There she was... Could Chennai girls be that much pretty... and even with a such name...
“She is good... No really... I mean it...” Bhaiya said.
I replied apprehensively “Yes i can see that too...Let’s go back home... will come after sometime...”
Bhaiya replied... “Get down...” technically he was the owner of the car so he could say that...”
My heart, my liver my kidney... everything came in my mouth when I stepped down the car...
I took a deep breath... and got down to greet “Papaji”...
“Namaste Uncle” ... I said this with a handshake... :-)
Then” Namaste Aunty”
And then Finally...... Oh My Goodness!!!!!..... With a smile.... A “Hi” from the heart to her...
Ahem Ahem....Breathtaking....
I turned around... but no bhaiya behind me... Arey, where is he??? Arey yaar.. he is still locking his car.. Did i come too fast to greet or its bhaiya’s Style...
Bhaiya appeared, I introduced him.... why i m doing so? I m not a host... not even the Guest... I m the chief Guest infact...
Oh never mind... let’s go inside...
We sat in Sangeetha restaurant... No... The name sounds like this.... but it’s a finest growing chain for sambhar and Idli combo...
Anyways, I just realised name doesn’t matter for me nowJ
So, Elder people engaged with their talks... She was wily staring at me with “pretending-overlooked-looks”...
So clever she is...!!!
Hmmm... Admitting to what other people talking without even knowing what they really upto...
Then an intelligent guy spoke golden words (Bhaiya)... “Uncle Lets go outside and let them talk alone”...
“Yes yes.. Sure Sure....” would-be-Papaji answered.
Oh my Goodness!!!... Feeling very nervous this time... blood got froze in nerves....
She and I... one to one... No ways... what will I ask... M I a contestant or judge or both at same time?
Coffee is in front of me.... chilled coffee that was... and they charged us for the hot coffee... never mind... someone more important there sitting in front of me... and she could be my lifelong coffee maker... :-)
“I think I need to start first” ... I thought correctly by the way...
Here i go..
“Hey Pallavan... u there with me...” I asked
With the petals of flower falling out, She replied ”Yes... of course” With a smile...
That was the first time I honestly looked at her... trying to read her mind...
“So, u did your engineering from SRS College”... That’s good and now working with a renounced IT industry as an educated labour designation. That’s really perfect...
But it not enough to judge a girl’s intellectual... as IT industries never hires rocket scientist people and Even they delayed my joining for 1.5 years for this reason, may be they were not sure about me
She was not even able to talk... but why.. Just that it means she is having a boyfriend, Is she now going to give me that Delhi-6 Sonam kapoor’s “going-to-punch-your-face” Looks.
I asked her... “Are you prepared pallavan...??? ”
She replied hesitatingly ”No...”
I smiled and said “me too...”
That way I put her at ease and simultaneously got myself too realised that I m not alone like thisJ.
Later she got so comfortable to me that she told me the truth...
“Look, I am not in the state of getting married... it’s too early, it’s all becoz of my parents I am here... let them do what they want, and I will do whatever I want to...”
Oh that statement hurt me..., it’s because her parents giving a sincere efforts, at least she should clearly talk to her parents, rather than obliging me.
I had given her admitting smile...
So, is the party over now? I thought...
She was seeing everywhere except me... quite embarrassing moment for me... I don’t think so I look that bad... Ask the girl on fourth floor in my office who proposed me last Monday... Or ask my mom... she never lies to me... :)
“Chale...” She said.
I said ”yes sure”... I too have to practise some java programs at my home, as I had just taken a coffee- break with you.
I called bhaiya on his blackberry who was sitting with my “Now-not-would-be-Papaji”.
He came in... Asked what happened...
I said “we are done... shall we go now??”
He said ”Its too Early to leave... why don’t you go for a walk... a leisure one” with a smile...
I have no other option to utter anything...
Pallava was ready too... don’t know why?? May be she too is an IT girl and hence doesn’t value time.
I said “okk”
My both hands were in my pocket and her hands at her back...
We both were sharing a "Resonant-Teacher-Student" Relationship.
Honestly speaking, I had already surrendered and not even giving any try to impress her. I don’t wanted to do so... She wasn't of my type...
Still it could be a walk to remember, so we begun to walk...
Co-incidentally, I answered her question just a mili-second before the stream of words could travel from her mouth to my ears... her question was "Where do you stay?"
Now what to ask... my mind got struck.
I asked then ”So, what is your future plannings ”
She rudely replied... “I haven’t given a thought on that”
I said “I m not asking about your life-planning-calendar... I was asking about your career.”
She replied something... I don’t remember that...
I was not able to understand why I am here, having a walk with a girl who is not even treating me nicely...
Seriously speaking, if this had done by my roommates, I would have changed my room J;).
I replied her with some of my company policies, code of conducts etc. And asked her to turn back for the restaurant.
Still half way to cover, so again I inquired about her hobbies...
She Replied”Reading novels”
She asked”What about you”
I replied effortlessly “Same same...”
She got amazed... I don’t know what clicked to her mind, but since we met, this was the first time she got with a big smile... and said “Really..?? Still she was smiling”
I said “Yeah, thoda sa same”
I doubt whether she was smiling or laughing... Perhaps was laughing on me. Don’t know...!!!
Then we reached back to our respected people.
Then I said goodbye to everyone, even to Pallavan, and got backed to my car.
They too were going... I thought she would steal a look, though we both knew it’s our last meeting... I started wishing like SRK of DDLJ...Palat... Palat... Palat... and you know what... this trick worked...Her father turned around...I waived him...he respond the same:)