Thursday, January 29, 2009

law of attraction

You attract and create everything which is happening in your life. It is called as law of attraction. "

It is difficult to accept that someone can bring himself cancer or horrible accident, but it is a scientifically fact, proved by the quantum physics.

The power of our thought is enormous and goes beyond the limited of our body. Our thoughts are like a very strong magnet attracting everything which is in synch. So we think about the bad stuff like being in debt or in a broken relationship. And more of the same is coming to us.

I know it is almost impossible to generate a positive thought when you are surrounded with bad circumstances. But this is where the game starts. You have to understand that those bad circumstances, surrounding you right now have been created by you. Your negative thoughts attracted and continue to attract that bad stuff.

It is like a vicious circle or more correct a spiral going down and down. How to stop that? Reverse your thoughts. Here comes the most difficult part: can you control your thoughts?

The fact is that no one can do that, unless in possession of a super power. How an ordinary human being can achieve that control? The answer is by watching emotions. It turns out that emotions are even easier to control and they can affect our thoughts.

Every time u catches you in bad mood or negative emotion – switch to a positive one. This is clue. You have to create a habit of switching from negative to positive emotions. Create a vision; call an event from your life, where you have been extremely happy and call this moment every time you find yourself in bad mood or emotion.

How simple is that. Everyone can do it. It takes a part of second to make it happened.

Let’s reveal three practical steps about creating your life:

Step one: Ask for it. Write on a piece of paper what do you want. Draw a picture, make a photo and put it on the wall on the spot you can see it easily.

Step two: Bring it. This is not your part. It is obligation of the universe to bring to you whatever you ask for. You have no power to know how this is going to happen.

Step three: Receive it. You have to prepare yourself for receiving whatever you asked for: Here comes your obligation to keep positive emotions and thoughts in the synch of what you are asking for.

Deep inside of you has to be absolute faith that the thing you asked for is on the way to you. You have to start seeing it materialized and act as it is already here. And the most important part of the game: As it is already here you should be grateful to the universe, creator or God whatever you call it, which is bringing your desire to you. This is the most powerful part to understand and apply.

If you send a thank you message to the universe for something that is not yet materialized, then the universe has no choice but to deliver it to you as soon as possible. And the last part of your preparation is: Give whatever you want to be given. If you want money- start giving away money. If you want help- start helping others.

The secret is now revealed to you. It is so simple and powerful and has been in use for ages. It is difficult to believe in it and that is what is going to separate the winners from the losers in the life.

Use it and enjoy every bit of your life here and now.