Saturday, April 15, 2017

Something like Archimedes, the law Maker

Okay.. I wanted to write today, but have no thoughts in my mind. I have nothing to speak.
Let's try it!

Life is funny I must say, hehehe.. I really wonder there is someone who is actually taking care of everyone's life. Must be difficult for him to manage for all. Not sure I am on which league, the one who is left out, ignored? Naa.. Don't know.

What I feel now is, its not only the earth is round, its everything. The tension on the surface makes it like that, the very famous LaPlace's law.
the interesting fact here is, the capillary tubes, which are nothing but nerves..:P

Its a Deep Sea, the more I try to look all around i cannot see the anything except whitish sky and grayish water in all 360 rotation. I feel tired of swimming sometimes, and most of the time nowadays.

Lot of Physics!

Ofcourse, the finest moron written laws of motion.. Else, he would have gone completely insane if tried Laws of E(motions).

Best Regards to all swimmers
Lots of love