Friday, December 30, 2016

Wonder to happen!!

The door opened and he stepped-in, indeed rambly, unknowingly what gonna happen next.

And Then She asked.. "Who is he??" moved her chin forward.

 Rest is History...

Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Holiday

This time i really needed a break. May be a long one. Thanks to Allah for national holiday of EID.
I seriously had no plans, but i wanted to wander this time, no matter what destination it would be. I hit the search engine, and it threw me some links for travelling,

Well just out of the box thing here, do you know when people in Italy think of something, what search engine ask them to do?

Ok so coming back to my plan, I googled it too. I wanted to travel solo. I found some deals and finally got the itinerary for this trip. 

My destination is Kasol- Himachal. By the way I have never been to Himachal, So I decided to explore very place. I left office early with complete dignity  :P, Reached home and packed my rucksack and moved ahead to RK Marg to catch my bus.

I arrived to the place where fellow passengers were waiting for the bus. Well, waiting is my favourite hobby I must say. In my idle time and even sometimes when I am occupied, I do wait. I love it.

All these people around me in beautiful attire, Colourful Backpacks and Nice Pair of shoes, they will be my co-trekkers for next three days. Cool!!!

Hmmm... So yes, I was just checking out people around me, Of course girls too. Well simplicity always appeals to me. So my eyes were searching for the same and I found one with similar eyes..:)

I boarded the bus, she was sitting on other side of aisle. So I was on left hand side window seat and she was on right hand side window seat.

Now introduction time, everyone did the same, but unfortunately we couldn't had all due to babel around all over..:(
Well. It’s too early to put down tools for me. I tried again, she smiled again. 70% of our conversations were through eyes. 

Lights got dim, A girl sitting behind asked why I am travelling to Kasol. I said "To see the nature". She giggled which made me feel embarrassed. I was distracted with her  wry smile, I asked again. What??
She replied- “this place is famous for cream”. Had no idea till I got complete word with prefix. "Malana cream". Something pop up in my mind and then... 

This below track kept running in my head for next 3 days.

To Be Continue...

Friday, October 14, 2016


Can't resist to type this

Likhe jo khat tujhe...
wo teri yaad mein...
Hajaaro rang ke...
Najaare ban gaye...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Acute to Obtuse

KO.. I mean ok... 
Here is the some Glimpse of my live tournament.

I must say i am warrior... I m on war... It could be a war room.. or battle field. 
For me, its like a 3D movie where I am simply watching a running reel. Every scene is like new to me, unknowingly what's next. A sense of thrill always running in back of my mind.

It is like me sitting on old bridge of Florence on one of the finest twilight. When I see right up in the sky, Its almost dark, just almost not completely. Yellowish light coming from sodium-vapor streetlight bulbs scattered all across the street. People wandering all over. Sound coming from chirping from nearby meadow is getting suppressed by crowd murmur. They look happy. They are huge in number and not lasting. They are moving. They are roaming on street. They are wearing smiles. Curvy one. They are in their best attire still the most comfortable and convenient clothes. They look Magnificent. I am watching all of them but no one. After a while, on the other side of pavement, almost 10 meters from me, a Spanish guy with his guitar and complete band started singing with delightful music. Both of my palm are facing downwards on the ground and I am leaning on it's support making an obtuse angle of 120 degrees. 

Just thinking of such imaginary episode make me feel wonderful. 

Well Coming back to real world, I can put all on graph.
Simple two poles standing apart.
In normal scenario, strings tied from one pole and ends at other. But when there is a turbulence, they simply gets open from one end. That it!!! 
Current in amperes does not know the path now.

I love adventures and seems its gonna synonyms for me.

Ahh!! its 4:55 am... retiring to bed


Sunday, February 7, 2016


When you don't find a way to provide an explanation of any serious matter of past and, Now seems hilarious when you get some maturity...
You simply blink both of your eyes and with a smiling curve...:):):)