Saturday, April 15, 2017

Something like Archimedes, the law Maker

Okay.. I wanted to write today, but have no thoughts in my mind. I have nothing to speak.
Let's try it!

Life is funny I must say, hehehe.. I really wonder there is someone who is actually taking care of everyone's life. Must be difficult for him to manage for all. Not sure I am on which league, the one who is left out, ignored? Naa.. Don't know.

What I feel now is, its not only the earth is round, its everything. The tension on the surface makes it like that, the very famous LaPlace's law.
the interesting fact here is, the capillary tubes, which are nothing but nerves..:P

Its a Deep Sea, the more I try to look all around i cannot see the anything except whitish sky and grayish water in all 360 rotation. I feel tired of swimming sometimes, and most of the time nowadays.

Lot of Physics!

Ofcourse, the finest moron written laws of motion.. Else, he would have gone completely insane if tried Laws of E(motions).

Best Regards to all swimmers
Lots of love

Saturday, March 4, 2017

AkashVaani On NH-24

I don't care who gonna be in power in UP in upcoming elections but what I can say is that its quite frustrating to crawl on my Delhi-Noida-Delhi roads. Well this is the reason that I do not like to drive at least in office hours.

When daily Bahua airs on RedFM around 9:15 or so, I can see the smiling faces in circumscribing cars.

Similar to "The President", the entourage of his surround himself keeping him in middle with two cars in front and two cars behind, I follow the same rule here on National Highway-24 (NH-24), keeping myself away from female drivers.

In my rear mirror view, what I could see was, a girl in a white Tee, black Open hair with some golden fringes covering her forehead and dark brown sunglasses- not only listening to music but also giving dancing moves simultaneously... Seeing someone like this was completely delightful. I could not hide my smile and it got noticed by her. (We are crawling on the road, by now she is just beside me).

By the way, for past few weeks, I was feeling low. In such situations, I usually prefer to listen to old songs which rejuvenates me and I do become normal afterwards. Big FM is "all time ready" to cater me this service. Especially "Suhana safar with Annu Kapoor" show - The encyclopedia of bollywood. So, I flipped to this channel, my one of fav song was on it. It was a mind relaxant to me. 

I somehow, successfully, signaled her to switch to this radio station. and I never imagined that this would go like this... She got to listen the remaining stanza of this song and it was like... (Listen it yourself down here)

She made a pistol instantly with her hand and tried to shot me dead.. Luckily traffic was cleared up and i just had a close shave and saved my Life...;)

Friday, February 24, 2017

The Blue Neck

आँख मूँद कर देख रहा है , साथ समय  के खेल रहा है।

A way of distraction for destruction...