Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Melody Khao Khud Jaan Jao

Well, I am expressing some of really tasty melodies of my life, which I take to refresh myself. Songs which makes me feel good. What I can say is just listen it through me.

Disclaimer: If you really want to connect with this blog, I strongly recommend listen these songs before reading this blog. OR best thing would be listen it WHILE reading; I am providing you the links, just click and enjoy these melodies.

  •       This blog doesn’t work in Daylight...:)) Better read after that only.
  •        Read this when you are alone, No Matter what mood you are in.

Among the best, I chose below 3 tracks:

1) Tum bin jaoon kahan:  Video (Recommended)
2) Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha:   Video And Audio (Recommended)
3) Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Naa:  Video (Recommended)

Let Start with our first song: "Tum bin jaoon kahanVideo (Recommended)

"Tum bin" has an incredible video. Each and every word of this song is finest art of lyrics writing. Here a person is standing in shadow of stars with a violent in his hands, and being high in her love.

The Wow line of this song can be fantasized like:
Keeping your hands at the back and tapping on your foots and then singing...
"Reh bhi sakoge tum kaise hoke mujhse judaa....
hat jaayegi deewaarein sunke meri sada..."

There is one more:
Flaunting with pointed hands at her and saying 
"Tum kya jaano ki bhatakta phira kis kis gali...
Tumko chaahke..."

The Person has been completely fallen for her. He doesn’t even care for anything else now. He is just completely with her, with every passing moment and he is enjoying every bit of it.
He is simply saying “I know you could get someone who can love you more than me. But believe me I cannot love someone else more than I love you... Trust me...” 

Here is the Second song:"Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir RahaVideo and Audio (Recommended)

The best thing about this song is female singer’s (Asha bhosle) modulated voice which is very different from normal one. It simply creates magical soothing throughout.

Wow Line...
“Haath aise mein bas chhodkar chal diye...” 
:)...:)...:) Trust me, Nobody could ever leave someone after such beautiful lines and finest gestures...

Two Lunatics, wandering and then lost, who were made for one another, who wanted to be with one another. They are just craving to see each other, to feel the touch of one another. Finding every passing second is as long as a year. They can’t wait even for a second to be apart... They really can’t...  And just wishing to be together in no time.
Meanwhile, they are enjoying their separation, since they know that they will meet for sure.

Here is the Last Melody:"Tere Bina Jiya Jaye NaaVideo (Highly Recommended)
I actually didn't find words for this Song. Words are really not enough for this.
When i first heard this song, I couldn't have figured out whether it’s a sad song or anything else.
But once you through it completely you will realize by yourself that what marvelous song it is. The voice is superb and so much soothing to ears.

Wow Stanza... :)
"Jab Bhi Khayaalon Mein Tu Aaye...
Mere Badan Se Kushboo Aaye
Mehake Badan Mein Raha Na Jaaye...
Raha Jaaye Na..."                                                                                                                   

And this is the Wowest Line Ever written...
"Zindagi Tujh Bin Raas Na Aaye
Raas Aaye Na..."

It’s like two souls are together, and they don’t need anybody else now. They are just self sufficient. They are just completely completing one another. Both souls were waiting to meet each other since ages. And now since they are met, they became inseparable like drops of water in a Sea. Nothing can be more pure and pious when two become one.


Anonymous said...

Well depicted!

Srashti Purohit said...

Awesome it is . Simply love the way you see things and describe ��

sirrishabh said...

Thanks Srashti..:)