Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Acute to Obtuse

KO.. I mean ok... 
Here is the some Glimpse of my live tournament.

I must say i am warrior... I m on war... It could be a war room.. or battle field. 
For me, its like a 3D movie where I am simply watching a running reel. Every scene is like new to me, unknowingly what's next. A sense of thrill always running in back of my mind.

It is like me sitting on old bridge of Florence on one of the finest twilight. When I see right up in the sky, Its almost dark, just almost not completely. Yellowish light coming from sodium-vapor streetlight bulbs scattered all across the street. People wandering all over. Sound coming from chirping from nearby meadow is getting suppressed by crowd murmur. They look happy. They are huge in number and not lasting. They are moving. They are roaming on street. They are wearing smiles. Curvy one. They are in their best attire still the most comfortable and convenient clothes. They look Magnificent. I am watching all of them but no one. After a while, on the other side of pavement, almost 10 meters from me, a Spanish guy with his guitar and complete band started singing with delightful music. Both of my palm are facing downwards on the ground and I am leaning on it's support making an obtuse angle of 120 degrees. 

Just thinking of such imaginary episode make me feel wonderful. 

Well Coming back to real world, I can put all on graph.
Simple two poles standing apart.
In normal scenario, strings tied from one pole and ends at other. But when there is a turbulence, they simply gets open from one end. That it!!! 
Current in amperes does not know the path now.

I love adventures and seems its gonna synonyms for me.

Ahh!! its 4:55 am... retiring to bed



Anonymous said...

Is imagining a beautiful scene, that too on Florence bridge,a war?!?

sirrishabh said...

everything here has a symbolic meaning..

Anonymous said...

It's beautifully written!!

Anonymous said...

It's beautifully written!!